Commonwealth Games 2002

  1. The Commonwealth games is a world-class event and was the most significant multi-sport event to be held in the UK since the Olympics of 1948. The games took place between 25 July and 4 August 2002.

  2. What's available

    Information about the games have been archived online:

    The company behind the games

    M2002 Ltd was responsible for the organisation, recruitment and training of over 10,000 volunteers. An archived version of the M2002 website is available.

    Records of the company are held by Central Library so that you can discover how this magnificent event was put together. The collection contains many important documents relating to the planning and delivery of the games, extensive image and newspaper collections, and also records relating to the Queen's Jubilee Baton relay event, and the Spirit of Friendship festival. See what's available using our archives catalogue. To view items from the collection, make an appointment giving two weeks notice.

    Some records have restricted access (check using our archives catalogue), you can email a request to if you wish to see them.

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