Greenheys Adult Learning Centre

  1. Address

    Upper Lloyd Street, Moss Side, M14 4HZ

  2. Phone

    0161 254 7330

  3. Website

    Find our more about Greenheys adult learning centre

  4. Number of computers

    6 PCs

  5. Wifi available


  6. Help getting online

    The centre runs many courses, including computer training

  7. Help with Universal Credit application

    Please contact centre.

  8. Information

    Greenheys Adult Learning Centre offers a range of courses aimed at improving lives and getting people into work, volunteering or to improve current job skills. The centre runs many courses, including computer training. The computers are only available for courses. Find a course at this centre to Friday 9am to 4pm; Monday & Tuesday 5.45pm to 9pm term time only

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Was this page helpful?