Gorton Library

  1. Gorton library 2016

  2. Address

    Garratt Way, Gorton, M18 8HE

  3. Telephone

    0161 227 3737

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  5. About this library

    Our new children’s section is our pride and joy. The Peter Rabbit space draws Gorton’s kids and their families into reading. That’s priceless because we know that being read to as a child gives you a head-start at school and a flying start in life.
    So whether your reading journey’s just started, or you’re well on your way, hop in.

  6. Opening times for library

    • Monday, Thursday and Saturday 10am to 5pm
    • Tuesday 10am to 8pm
    • Wednesday closed
    • Friday 2pm to 5pm

    On weekdays, 10-11am is our Age Friendly hour when our older customers get priority support and a friendly welcome.

    There is a free digital Skill Up workshop every Tuesday from 10am to 11.45am, with staff from Manchester Adult Education Service.

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