Withington Library

  1. Withington Library 2016

  2. Address

    410 Wilmslow Road, Withington, M20 3BN

  3. Telephone

    0161 227 3720

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  5. About this library

    Since 1927 our well-loved building in the heart of the village has had a formal, classical façade, and inside the vibe is friendly and informal.

    In 2018, we fully refurbished the library to make the space more comfortable and useful.

  6. Opening times for library

    • Monday and Wednesday 9am to 8pm
    • Tuesday 1pm to 8pm
    • Thursday 8am to 8pm (unstaffed)
    • Friday and Saturday 9am to 5pm

    Self service hours

    • Monday and Wednesday 8am to 9am
    • Tuesday 8am to 1pm
    • Thursday 8am to 8pm (unstaffed)
    • Friday 8am to 9am

    On weekdays, 10-11am is our Age Friendly hour when our older customers get priority support and a friendly welcome.


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