Dangerous wild animals

  1. Summary

    You need a licence to keep any dangerous wild animals. 

    An authorised officer and vet will inspect the premises where any animal will be kept to ensure the conditions are suitable. 

  2. Fees

    £202 + Vet fees

  3. Application and guidance notes

    Apply for a dangerous wild animal licence

  4. Legislation

    A licence will only be granted when we are satisfied the applicant is a suitable person, the animal's accommodation is adequate & secure and there is no public safety issues. Regulations: http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts1976/pdf/ukpga_19760038_en.pdf

  5. Validity and renewals

    Any licence granted will be valid for two years. It will expire unless a renewal application is made before the expiry date on the existing licence.

  6. Complaints

    Contact us in the first instance

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