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New driver application - hackney carriage/private hire

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  2. Summary

    For the safety and protection of the public to drive a hackney carriage vehicle (black cab), private hire, non standard private hire or limousine vehicle in Manchester you must hold a valid  driver licence issued by us.

    Renewal of a driver application but your licence has already expired?
    If you submit a new application within 14 days of the expiry date of your driver licence then we will fast track your application.

    Important, please read: before you apply for a drivers licence, please have a look at 'application for a new drivers licence' this document, details the different stages a new application goes through before a new drivers licence is issued.

  3. Fees

    The application fee of £255 does not include:

    • Basic Skills Assessment £42.00
    • Knowledge test fee £74.00
    • Enhanced Disclosure DBS (application/certificate) is paid directly to CBS who administer the on-line DBS application form. You will be advised further about this on submission of an application

    If you are already a driver with us (either hackney carriage or private hire), then you may not need to pay for all the above additional charges, please contact

  4. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

    Private hire drivers guidance and conditions


  5. Attachments required

    You MUST first submit a ‘new driver licence’ application, once we have the completed application, once this has been received you will be sent electronically a link for payment, which must be made online.

    Once your form and correct payment have been received you will be:

    • Given a date and time to attend a face to face appointment with the taxi licensing unit. You WILL NOT be seen unless you have an appointment!  See what dates we are processing
    • Details will also be sent to you to make and pay for your online DBS application. Please note that the cost of this is not included in the payment taken for your driver application. The cost of the DBS must be paid directly to CBS Ltd, who administer the online DBS application.

    You must have completed the above before attending your appointment.

    At the appointment an officer will review and verify the information supplied on the online driver application form and DBS application submitted via CBS Ltd together with your Immigration status in relation to your 'right to work in the UK' will also be verified.

    You must bring to the appointment the following documents:  

    1. Current passport;
    2. Non UK citizen, please provide passport and visa showing 'right to work';
    3. Statutory declaration form – (completed);
    4. Current DVLA driving licence photo card;
    5. 1 recent colour passport photograph (no sunglasses or hats allowed);
    6. 1 recent utility bill which states the applicants name and address, (for example, gas, electricity, bank or credit card statement), which must not be more than 3 months old;
      Please note: – mobile phone statements are not acceptable.
    7. National insurance number showing applicants name issued by a government agency or a previous employer i.e. P45, P60; 
    8. Group II medical certificate - we recommend that you do not obtain your medical certificate until after you have passed your knowledge test. Medical form – to be completed by your own doctor or GP.  Applicants need to make themselves aware of the Group II medical standards before submitting an application. 
      Please note: medical certificates are only valid for a 12 month period; and
    9. Immigration - From 1 December 2016 we must comply with the Immigration Act 2016. The Act places a duty on the council to only issue licences to individuals who can demonstrate that they have the ‘Right to work in the UK within the taxi trade’.  Document(s) from either List A or List B, which provides evidence that you have the right to work in the UK within the taxi licensing trade.

  6. Processing and timescales

    How long does it take?

    An exact time cannot be given as to how long it will take to become a licensed driver in Manchester, as there are a number of factors, that can delay the process. for example:

    • Failure to complete the forms correctly;
    • Not paying the correct fee;
    • Not bringing the correct documents to your face to face appointment;
    • Applicants who have convictions that require consideration at a licensing hearing;
    • Return of DBS results; or
    • Failing the hackney carriage/private hire driver knowledge test.

  7. Validity and renewals

    3 years

    DBS - we now offer a new on-line DBS application that includes the DBS update service. All licensed drivers must continue to be signed into the DBS update service throughout the currency of the licence.

  8. Register

    View the public register

  9. Complaints

    Please email in the first instance

  10. Appeals

    Anyone who is asked to attend in front of a hearing is provided with documentation, which outlines both the hearing process and appeal.

    Decision letters from the hearing also provide details of appeal.

    Any person can appeal any decision made by us to the Magistrates Court.

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