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Recent driving or criminal conviction - hackney carriage/private hire

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  2. Summary

    It is a condition of private hire driver licence to notify us immediately of any recent driving, criminal convictions or cautions. A hackney carriage driver must notify us on renewal of their licence.

  3. Fees

    No fee

  4. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

    Guide to convictions



  5. Attachments required

    Letter of explanation i.e. copy of court print out or letter from solicitor.

  6. Processing and timescales

    Within 10 working days your records will be updated and we will advise you if any further action is to be taken. 

  7. Complaints

    Please email in the first instance

  8. Appeals

    Anyone who is asked to attend in front of a hearing is provided with documentation, which outlines both the hearing process and appeal.

    Decision letters from the hearing also provide details of appeal.

    Any person can appeal any decision made by us to the Magistrates Court.

  9. Email

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Was this page helpful?