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  1. Summary

    All scrap metal dealers in Manchester require a licence under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

    You are a scrap metal dealer if:

    • you are carrying on a business which consists wholly or partly in buying or selling scrap metal, whether or not the metal is sold in the form in which it was bought; or
    • you are carrying on a business as a motor salvage operator 

    There are two types of licence:

    • site licence - allows you to buy and sell scrap metal from a fixed location within the council area; or
    • collectors licence - allows you to travel within the council area to collect scrap metal, you may not take this metal back to a site that you run within the council area in order to sell it

  2. Fees

    Site Licence:

    • Application Fee £381.51
    • Grant Fee £238.34
    • Total Fee £619.85

    Collectors Licence

    • Application Fee £373.72
    • Grant Fee £18.89
    • Total Fee £392.61
    Variation from Collector to Site Licence 
    • Application Fee £234.17
    • Grant Fee £238.34
    • Total Fee £472.51
    Include an Additional Site
    •  Application Fee £234.17
    • Grant Fee £238.34
    • Total Fee £472.51

  3. Application and guidance notes

    Application and guidance notes

    Please note that tacit consent does not apply to Scrap Metal Dealer applications.

    Email completed applications to:

    Or alternatively send to:

    Premises Licensing
    Manchester City Council
    Level 2 Town Hall Extension
    Albert Square
    PO Box 532
    M60 2LA

  4. Processing and timescales

    All scrap metal dealer licence applications are subject to a 28-day consultation period. Following the end of this period, the licence will be determined within 28 days.

  5. Legislation

  6. Complaints

    Contact Licensing in the first instance

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