Tattooing, acupuncture, ear & cosmetic piercing, electrolysis & skin colouring personal and premise registration

  1. Summary

    If you want to operate a business for tattooing, acupuncture, ear and cosmetic piercing, electrolysis or skin colouring within Manchester you and the premise must be registered with us.

    Please note
    The premises may already be registered with us, if it is already trading. Please contact us at if you are unsure whether to register both the individual and the premises before submitting your application.

  2. Fees

    The fees are:

    • personal registration £43; and
    • premise registration £72.

    The amount due will be advised to you once your application has been assessed. We will send you a payment link, so payment can be made on-line prior to the registration being completed. 

  3. Application and guidance notes

    Apply for registration

    Guidance notes

    Notify us of any change in circumstances

  4. Processing and timescales

    The applicant will be contacted by an officer to ensure that they are qualified and competent and the premises may be required to undergo an inspection to ensure it complies with all relevant hygiene, health and safety regulations.

    If the inspection is satisfactory, the details are added to the register and the licence will be granted and issued within 28 days of receiving the application.

  5. Legislation

  6. Validity and renewals

    Registration will remain in force until either the business ceases to exist or registration is cancelled.

  7. Register

    To view the register emailĀ

  8. Complaints

    Contact Premise Licensing in the first instance.

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