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    A child who performs must be supervised at all times either by their parent/legal guardian or an approved chaperone. Grandparents, uncles, child minders, etc are not legal guardians (unless they have been appointed as such by the courts). Parents may only supervise their own child(ren), to supervise other children they must be registered as a chaperone.

    Chaperones should register with the local authority they pay their council tax. If you are not sure check which council.

    The names and addresses of chaperones working on any production must be included in all its children’s performance licenses.

    We will not register a chaperone until satisfactory DBS form is received (Disclosure Baring Service Form, formerly known as CRB).

    Social care checks may be carried out on applicants, as applicable, any information provided will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will not necessarily mean that your application will be rejected, we will look at each application on an individuals basis, this may involve a meeting with you.

    Within this process we also need to know if any other adult living in your household have any criminal convictions.

    All chaperones are to complete a safeguarding course within 3 months of being granted the chaperone licence with Manchester City Council - we will contact you to arrange this.

    More information about safeguarding/child protection courses can be accessed within the MSCB website. 

    If you are a volunteer chaperone it will be beneficial if you subscribe to the DBS update service, when you make your application. We recommend you do this as it will keep your DBS valid (this means you don’t need to complete a DBS application each year) and this service is free for volunteers – see DBS update service for more information. 

    Chaperone licences are valid for 3 years, we have the right to revoke a chaperone licence should there be any cause for concern regarding the welfare and safeguarding of a child or if the license holder does not complete the mandatory safeguarding training within the specified time.

  2. Fees

    There is no charge for a chaperone licence however if a DBS is required then these do carry a charge:

    • A chaperone who is paid the DBS element is £60; or
    • A chaperone on a voluntary basis the DBS element is £10 and the DBS update service is free once you subscribe.

  3. Application and guidance notes

    Warning: Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and fully understood the statutory requirements for the licence for which you are applying.  Failure to comply with the regulations may lead to the licence being revoked and/or prosecution. 

    All the information you need to support you with your application can be found on the: NNCEE website or print our handbooks.

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