1. Statement as to Persons Nominated

    The names, addresses and descriptions of the persons who have been and stand nominated for election (and those of any other persons who have been nominated, with the reason why they no longer stand nominated) are as follows:

  2. Candidate details

    Candidate's surname Other names(s) Address Description (if any) Reason why candidate no longer stands nominated
    HOAD Jeremy Edward 8 Limefield Terrace
    M19 2EP
    HUSSAIN Zareen Zahid (Address in the district of Manchester) Labour Party  
    SAMMONS Greg 17 Collingwood Road
    M19 2AP
    Liberal Democrats  
    STANCU Alexandru Stelian (Address in the district of Manchester) The Conservative Party Candidate  
    VENES Dick 3 Lynton Drive
    M19 2LQ
    The Green Party  

    The persons opposite whose names no entry is made in the last column have been and stand validly nominated.

  3. Download a Statement of Persons Nominated notice

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