Manchester City Council


Aftermath: 100 years of creativity from conflict

Marking the centenary of the start of the First World War, Aftermath is both an act of commemoration for lives lost or shattered by war, and a celebration of the enduring spirit of humanity.

From Street to Trench: A War that Shaped a Region

This is the largest exhibition ever created exploring the North West of England during the First World War.

From the War of Nature

Boxing hares, burrowing parasites, baby birds and prowling wolves are just some of the characters appearing in this story of predation, competition, cooperation and collaboration.

Men Behind the Medals

This special exhibition celebrates the stories of men whose medals are held by the museum.

The Manchester Wheel

The ever-popular Manchester Wheel has returned to the city centre.

Wheels For All - Thursdays

Adapted cycling activities every Thursday.

Women in Industry in the First World War

Six images from IWM’s unrivalled Photography Collection, displayed in huge outside IWM North, explore the role of women in the north of England.

Wythenshawe Wheelers - Saturday

Adapted cycling activities every Saturday.