Green space problem: grass, hedge, shrub, flowers

Before you use this form:

Is the problem on?

  • private land
  • a cemetery
  • Metrolink land
  • railway land
  • a motorway
  • a canal towpath

If so, do not report it here. See where to report it instead.

If a hedge or shrub needs cutting, report it to us at any time if it is causing an obstruction, or is a health or safety risk.

Otherwise only report it to us if:

  • it is between 1 September and 15 March; and
  • it hasn’t been cut for 12 months

If grass needs cutting, only report it to us if:

  • it is between 1 March and 31 October; and
  • it hasn’t  been cut for six weeks or more

Using this form:

You have about 30 minutes to fill in each page of this form.

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