Manchester City Council

Report dumped rubbish

Before you use this form

Did you witness the rubbish being dumped?  

You can report dumped rubbish without signing in, but if you witnessed the rubbish being dumped and can provide a statement, you will need to sign in to your account. If you don't already have one, create a customer account now.

1. Where is the problem?

  • In a garden or other land attached to someone’s home
    contact the homeowner.
  • On land attached to a shop, pub, factory or other commercial building
    contact the person who owns the land.
  • On a canal, river, or railway
    Do not report it here: get advice about clearing canal, river, or railway

2. Is there an immediate and serious threat to safety?

3. Is the rubbish dumped next to a communal bin?

  • Don't report it now. Check again after the next collection, and report it then if it's still there. See bin collection dates.

4. Is it an obstruction caused by something like a skip or unauthorised structure?