Manchester City Council

Report dumped rubbish

Before you use this form

1. Where is the problem?

  • In a garden or other land attached to someone’s home
    contact the homeowner.
  • On land attached to a shop, pub, factory or other commercial building
    contact the person who owns the land.
  • On a canal, river, or railway
    Do not report it here: get advice about clearing canal, river, or railway

2. Is there an immediate and serious threat to safety?

3. Is the rubbish dumped next to a communal bin?

  • Don't report it now. Check again after the next collection, and report it then if it's still there. See bin collection dates.

4. Is it an obstruction caused by something like a skip or unauthorised structure?



Reporting the problem 

You will need to sign in if you witnessed who dumped the rubbish and want to provide a statement. If you don't already have one, create a customer account now. Otherwise report the problem.