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Sign our book of condolence

Our hearts go out to Barcelona and Cambrils in the wake of the sickening incidents on 17 August 2017. Manchester stands in solidarity.

Sign our book of condolence.


Manchester Be Proud Awards 2017

Before you start

You will be asked to give details of why your nominee deserves to win. You may find it helps to have this written down before starting the form. 

The work that is done by the person or group you are nominating must take place within Manchester's boundaries.

Please make your nomination by midnight on Sunday 10 September 2017.

You can download the questions and guidance notes for reference.

About the form

When you go through the form, don't use your normal 'Back' button to return to an earlier question. Use the 'Previous' button at the bottom of the page you are on.

You have 20 minutes to fill in each page of the form. Questions marked * have to be answered.