Manchester City Council

Market Stalls - Change details (registered traders)

This form should be used, if you are a registered trader with Manchester Markets and wish to notify a change of your personal details.

The following attachments are required to be uploaded within this form, ensure you have all relevant details before you start this form as you can not save the form part way through.

  • One photo id document e.g. valid passport or EU identity card;
  • One proof of address documents e.g. bank, building society, recent utility bill (less than three months old), valid insurance document or driving licence; and 
  • Valid public liability insurance policy.

You can upload the following file types:

  • Microsoft Word documents with the file extension '.doc',
  • Text files with the file extension '.txt' or '.rtf',
  • Images with the file extension '.jpg',
  • Compressed files with the extension '.zip'
  • Files with the extension '.pdf'

If your name or address has changed, then you must attach a document showing proof of this (e.g. marriage certificate or utility bill), as well as your revised photo identity (name change only) and public liability insurance (name or address change).