Disabled parking bay or H bar markings outside my home

Use this form to apply for a disabled parking bay or H bar road markings outside your home.

A residential disabled parking bay is a parking bay marked on the road outside or near to the property of a disabled resident. The parking bay does not belong exclusively to the resident and may be used by any driver displaying a blue badge.

H bar markings are white lines that are marked on the road in-front of access areas. The lines highlight to other road users that they shouldn't block access to off-road parking areas such as driveways and garages. The cost of H bar markings is £246 including VAT. 

To qualify you must be:

  • a blue badge holder in receipt of the higher rate disability living allowance, or;
  • be 65+ on attendance allowance and have a vehicle registered at your address.

Once you have submitted your application an officer will assess it and advise if the work can take place. 

About this form:

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