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Grounds maintenance - report a problem

Between March and October we have a grounds maintenance programme, which includes grass cutting and the maintainance of hedges, shrubs and flowerbeds.

More information on: weed control and tree maintenance.

We aim to cut grass every three weeks between March and the end of October, subject to weather conditions as rain and bad weather may interrupt our programme, but if you feel this service has been missed by our crews, then let us know. However it will only be classed as a service failure if an area has not been visited for at least 6 weeks.

We only maintain council owned land. It is not our responsibility to maintain privately owned land: you'll need to contact the appropriate organisation for:  

If you live in an area managed by a Registered Social landlord (RSL) contact them direct: Adactus, City South, Eastlands, Grove Village, Parkway Green, Willow Park or Southway

Grounds within cemeteries are maintained by Bereavement Services, please do not continue with this form.

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