Obtain approval for a skip permit with restrictions

If you want to place a skip in a restricted area or location, you need prior approval from us, see the terms and conditions and maps of exclusion zones.

Requests received will be referred to an officer for their consideration, these need at least ten days notice.

If approval is given, you then need to 'Apply for a skip permit', failure to obtain prior approval could result in monies being retained and no permit being issued

The restricted areas and locations are as follows:

  • on the brow of a hill or in a hidden dip;
  • on a bend;
  • within 15 metres of a road junction;
  • within 25 metres of a signal controlled road junction;
  • on a trunk or principal road;
  • on a street less that 4.5 metres wide;
  • on a road where there are double white lines;
  • within the controlled area of a pedestrian crossing; 
  • on white or yellow zigzag markings in front of schools, ambulance or fire stations or where there are parking restrictions; 
  • where there are parking restrictions;
  • in a traffic restricted area; or
  • within the operational map or in the vicinity of major public venues (e.g. the Etihad Stadium).

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