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Sign our book of condolence

Our hearts go out to the people of Halle in Germany, in the wake of the terrible attack on Wednesday 9 October .

Sign our book of condolence.


People & communities Request an interpreter or translation

We provide written translation and face-to-face interpretation services in many languages including British Sign Language.  We also offer audiotape, CD production and Braille services.

If you are using a Council service and need an interpreter, just tell the person you are dealing with at the Council and they will arrange it for you.

If you need a document translated or an interpreter for a non-Council related purpose, please contact us.

Alternatively you can visit our office with the document(s) you need translating, between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. You will need to pay to use these services.  Charges depend on the document and language required.  We need to see the document to give you accurate cost information.

We can also provide information and advice on languages and culture.

Interpreters and freelancers

Unfortunately we do not have any current vacancies for interpreters. If you want to register your interest as a freelancer, please email us.

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Was this page helpful?