Environmental problems Street cleaning

Roads, pavements and public land

We're responsible for sweeping roads, pavements and public land, helping to keep the environment clear of litter and dirt. 

We operate a rolling programme which we regularly review to ensure we are responding to the different needs of Manchester's neighbourhoods. Most of the cleaning outside of the city centre takes place between 7am and 2pm, using methods appropriate for the area.

Local knowledge of the area determines where priority is given, for example areas of high footfall.

What you can do

You can take a responsible approach to keeping the streets clean, by either taking your rubbish home, or using a litter bin.

You can also tell us if you think we've regularly missed the cleaning of your street. We're unable to take requests for additional sweeping of public areas outside of our programme however. If you're concerned that there's a problem with litter or dirt in your area, let us know, this information will assist us in monitoring the standard of service. 

What we do

We regularly review the methods and frequency of our programme to make sure we're responding to the different needs of Manchester's neighbourhoods.   

We will respond quickly to requests for the removal of potentially dangerous substances, such as broken glass and dog fouling and leaves.

We will take action on people who dump rubbish, drop or throw litter out of car windows by issuing Fixed Penalty Notices - we will also prosecute; fines can range from £75 to £2,500 if convicted.

We will also remove flytipping or dumped items from alleyways, public highway (roads/pavements) or council land, more information on Flytipping.

If you have a blocked grid, drain or gully, report this to us using the grid, drain, manhole cover or flooded road form.  

What don't we do

We are not responsible for:

  • cleaning privately owned land, contact the land owner instead. If the land owner is not responding to requests then we will investigate.
  • clearing broken glass from phone boxes or smashed bus stops or shelters, contact the company directly.

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