Manchester City Council

Roads, parking & transport Bollards

Access to automatic bollards

A pass is needed 24/7 at the following locations:

  • Ridgefield
  • Cateaton Street
  • Watson Street
  • Long Millgate  

Access is free at the following locations during indicated times:

  • Fennel Street: 5-11 am
  • Market Street: 6-10 am and 6-7 pm
  • St Ann’s Square and Barton Square: 7-11 am
  • King Street and Police Street: 6-11 am & 5-9 pm  
  • Canal St/Abingdon St and Canal St/Sackville St:  Monday - Friday 7.30-noon; Saturday 7.30-1 pm 

There is no access to Sackville Street  between 8 pm - 5.30 am Friday or Saturday evenings.

You can apply for a pass if you need regular access during restricted times. 

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Was this page helpful?