Homes and property Houses in multiple occupation (HMO)

Changes that can affect your licence

Licences are granted based on the property as it was when the application was made. You need to tell us about any changes as your licence can become invalid.

Changes made to the property

If you make changes to the property after the licence has been issued, for example, you've changed the number of bedrooms in the property, you will need to apply for a variation of the licence.

If you want to convert the property back into a single family dwelling, you may either:

  • notify us so that that the licence can be revoked

  • allow the licence to run until it expires, then notify us that it's no longer required.

Download HMO no longer required - notification form to notify us.

Managing agents

If the managing agent details have changed and they:

  • are the licence holder, the licence will need to be revoked, and the new managing agent or owner will have to apply for a licence in their own right
  • are not the licence holder or manager, you need to write to us, and we will update our records. 

Selling your property

If you sell the property, the existing licence will be revoked by us. The new owner will have to apply for a licence in their own right if they want to rent it out as a HMO.

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Was this page helpful?