Homes and property Selective licensing: renting out houses in designated areas

Who needs a licence?

You need a licence if you rent out or manage houses in a certain parts of the city. It is against the law to rent out houses in these areas without a licence.

Check if you need a licence for the house(s) you rent out

Some houses may be exempt from licensing.

Failure to obtain a licence

It is against the law to rent out houses in a designated area without a licence. If you are convicted, you may receive an unlimited fine and could be prevented from holding a licence in the future.

You may also be asked to pay back up to 12 months rent, this is called a Rent Repayment Order. In addition you would be unable to serve a valid section 21 notice to seek possession of the property.

Temporary exemption

You may be eligible to apply for a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN) if you’re taking steps to take the property out of licensing. For example, you’re selling the property to someone who will live in it as an owner occupier. You can apply for a temporary exemption by completing the online application.

Apply for a TEN 

A separate application must be made for each house that you want a temporary exemption notice for.  If granted a TEN would be valid for three months.

Your application will be refused if you don’t meet our requirements. If you don’t agree with our decisions, you can appeal to the Residential Property Tribunal within 28 days beginning on the date that the refusal was made.

To apply for a second notice, you will need to complete the online form again. We will only consider extending the notice if you have exceptional circumstances.

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Was this page helpful?