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Benefits and support Tell us about a change

Let us know if something in your life changes that affects your benefits

The law says you must tell us if there is any change to the information we used to decide if you get Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support.

We need to know about changes to:

  • your address if you move within Manchester. If you move from outside Manchester you need to fill in a different form.
  • your home details: for example if you change your tenancy, or get a new landlord
  • your payments: for example who we pay benefit to, or the way the benefit is paid
  • your circumstances and your partner’s circumstances: for example your name, job, the benefits you get, your income or savings, or if you are away from your home for more than four weeks
  • the people you live with: for example their name, job, the benefits they get, their income or savings. Tell us if someone moves out or a new person moves in.
  • your children: such as starting school, work or further education.

If you’re not sure - tell us anyway.

Make sure you tell us as soon as possible - if you don’t you may not get what you’re entitled to. Or you may get too much and would have to pay it back - or have your benefit stopped. You could even face criminal charges for fraud.

If someone in your household dies

Please use the Tell Us Once service where you can report a death to most government organisations and council departments at the same time.


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Was this page helpful?