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Structural Engineers

The Structural Engineers Group is consulted on approximately one third of the Building Regulation applications submitted to the City Council. These consultations are carried out in order to ensure the structural adequacy and safety of the proposed works and range across the spectrum from multi-storey office block developments, factory and warehouse buildings to the more complex domestic type alterations or extensions.

If the Group's Engineer cannot substantiate the proposals, but will contact the client's Engineer directly in order to discuss the problems, and establish a mutually agreed solution.

Pre-submission meetings with the client's own design team often take place on major schemes either in the office or sometimes on the site of the proposed works in order to obviate any potential problems at the earliest opportunity.

The group provides specialist advice to the Dangerous Buildings Group under The Building Act legislation. This could be for imminent or potentially dangerous buildings/structures, or on the demolition of unusual or special types of building structures.

The Structural Engineers Group also works closely with the Public Safety Group.

Members of the Group are available for meetings on site to discuss any problems encountered during the work in progress.

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