Planning and regeneration Building Control Service/Performance Standards

Public Safety Standards


We process notices of intention to demolish buildings under the Building Act within statutory time limits having carried out site surveys and consultations with appropriate bodies.

We promptly respond to reports of dangerous buildings and take appropriate measures to remove any danger in order to protect the public.

We carry out regular inspections of sports stadia and premises licensed by the City Council to fulfil the requirements of the Safety at Sports Grounds Act and to maintain safety standards in licensed premises.

We respond promptly to requests to inspect residential houses in multiple occupation if we receive reports expressing concern about fire safety standards.

Results Achieved 2008/2009

Dangerous Buildings

Attendance on site the same day of receipt of report:

Target: 98% - Actual 87% (2007/2008 - 95%, 2006/2007 - 98%)


Attendance on site within 90 minutes of receipt of call:

Target: 95% - Actual 97% (2007/2008 - 97%, 2006/2007 - 95%)


Notices issued within four weeks:

Target: 90% - Actual 98% (2007/2008 - 91%, 2006/2007 - 93%)

Safety at Sports Grounds

Safety Certificates reviewed annually in accordance with the Guidance. Annual report to committee, and any amendments dealt with within the committee cycle:

Target: 100% - Actual 100% (2007/2008 - 100%, 2006/2007 - 100%)

Control of Public Events

Events are prioritised in accordance with risk. All events are assessed. See risk assessment for events. Member of event safety team for 100% of high-risk assessments:

Target: 100% - Actual 100% (2007/2008 - 100%, 2006/2007 - 99%)


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