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Our Performance Explained

The City Council has recently introduced a new telephone system to improve access to all services. Monitoring has taken place and reports are now available for managers to monitor the effectiveness of telephone answering.

During 2008/2009 81% of telephone calls were answered and we are constantly making changes to improve this aspect of our service.

There is a significant improvement in performance where the number of complaints responded to within 15 days has increased from 83% to 100%.

Only one complaint about the service was upheld.

The Customer Survey for 2008/2009 was delayed and information results are available for inclusion in the 2008/2009 report but it should be noted that there was a poor response resulting in a detrimental effect on some of the results.

One aspect of our service, which is of particular concern is the number of customers receiving a response to their Building Regulations application within 15 working days of deposit.

The results are based on very low numbers responding to our survey but the whole process will be subject to a comprehensive review including improved methods of data collection. There is a small improvement in performance but more needs to be done to achieve targets.

There is an apparent dip in performance in responding to dangerous buildings on the same day. The results actually reflect efficiencies made to the service where requests for inspections are carefully assessed and inspections are deferred to the following day if it is safe to do so.

Overall the results and customer comments are encouraging and we will continue to carry out service improvements by the introduction of a robust performance management framework.



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