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Empty property definitions

Empty property applies to more than buildings. It also includes properties such as land, storage, car parks and so on. We refer to these types of property as hereditaments.

Types of hereditament

A retail hereditament means any hereditament where any building or part of a building comprised in the hereditament is constructed or adapted for the purpose of the retail provision of:

  • goods, or
  • services, where they are provided on or from the hereditament (other than storage for distribution services).

A qualifying industrial hereditament means any hereditament other than a retail hereditament in relation to which all buildings comprised in the hereditament are constructed or adapted for use:

  1. in the course of a trade or business and
  2. for one or more of the following purposes, or one or more such purposes and one or more purposes ancillary thereto:
  • the manufacture, repair or adaptation of goods or materials, or the subjection of goods or materials to any process
  • storage (including the storage or handling of goods in the course of their distribution)
  • the working or processing of minerals and
  • the generation of electricity.

A relevant non-domestic hereditament means any non-domestic hereditament consisting of, or of part of, any building, together with any land ordinarily used or intended for use for the purposes of the building or part.

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