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Funding has been made available to support Carers during the Covid-19 pandemic through the Carer's emergency fund

Ongoing support for carers

Caring can take a variety of forms, including preparing meals, doing shopping, taking someone to appointments, managing finances, bathing or toileting, giving medication or emotional support, or doing laundry.  

If you support a relative, friend or neighbour, due to their age, physical or learning disability, mental illness or substance misuse (drugs or alcohol) and you are not paid for the support you provide, then you can get advice and support to help you in your caring role.

Support from us

A Carer’s Assessment is the best way to identify the sorts of support which would be most beneficial to you. Speak to one of our contact officers on 0161 234 5001 to ask for an assessment. Carers are entitled to an assessment even if the person they care for doesn’t receive services themselves.

The Carer’s Assessment lets you explain how caring impacts on your health and wellbeing, and helps you consider what would happen if you were unable to care for whatever reason, including developing a Carer’s Emergency Plan.

Young carers under 18 are also entitled to a Carer’s Assessment. We understand the specific challenges faced by young people who care, and our specialist workers can give you advice and support as well as putting you in touch with other young carers.

The Carers Toolkit

Help & Support Manchester created a toolkit that helps you to find out what support is available to you. Whether you’ve cared for the person for a long time, are temporarily helping them (for example, while they recuperate from an operation) or have just become a carer, take time to find out more.

Connect to Support

Connect to Support is an online assessment tool that can help identify what issues you or someone else may have, and advise on the best service(s) to contact.

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