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Schools, education and childcare Becoming a childminder

Is childminding for me?

Some of the questions you should ask yourself when thinking about childminding are:

  • Do I enjoy looking after children?
  • Would I enjoy planning activities for them?
  • Can I offer children a happy and stimulating environment to meet their needs?
  • Do I feel capable of respecting the individual needs of children who have different families, ethnic and cultural backgrounds to my own?
  • Am I interested in caring for children with additional needs, such as children with a disability or behaviour difficulty?
  • Would I enjoy working with parents to ensure I deliver a good service?
  • Would I be able to talk to parents about problems or concerns about their children?
  • Would I enjoy working in my own home? Or is it working in a daycare setting with others that I would be really interested in?
  • Would I like to be my own boss?
  • What hours am I prepared to work?
  • Am I willing to offer flexible working hours?
  • How will my partner and my own children feel about me looking after other people's children?
  • What effect will it have on my family? 

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