Consultations and surveys Consultation on new housing and redevelopment in Chorlton

Former Chorlton Leisure Centre

This consultation closed at 5pm on Friday 15 December

The former Chorlton Leisure Centre on Manchester Road is owned by us. 
Our intention is to sell the land to an interested organisation, giving them the chance to develop the site for a variety of uses that could include sports and leisure, cultural activities or new homes. This will ensure that the site continues to benefit the local community.
This site has been listed as an ‘asset of community value’.
'Assets of community value' are land or buildings whose recent use has furthered the social wellbeing or interests of the local community. We take this into account when making planning decisions. This doesn't mean that community groups get special treatment, or that community groups can buy for less than market values. All bids and proposals are considered and treated equally.
More about assets of community value

We expect to sell the site for the market value. All bids will be considered.

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