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Consultations & surveys Manchester to Chorlton cycling and walking route proposals

Types of comments we've received

The following is an overview of the categories of the comments we’ve received. Every comment will be taken on board, and where feasible, will be used to shape the outcome of the project design

  • General support for the scheme, people feel excited and will feel safer
  • Concerns in relation to increased congestion or lack of alternative routes
  • Chorlton Cross junction will cause more congestion, people would like to see the right turn retained
  • General support for the scheme, but some have reservations around traffic flow, parking and provisions for the elderly and disabled
  • Scheme will create more traffic leading to pollution, particularly in residential areas
  • Concern of traffic ‘rat-running’ through Oswald Road, especially around Oswald Rd Primary School, Longford Rd, Nicolas Rd & surrounding streets
  • More parking required for shoppers & visitors / Too big an impact on local business & shoppers
  • Concerned about banned right turn from Barlow Moor Road onto Wilbraham Road towards Stretford - Including High Lane & Edge Lane increased traffic
  • Concerned about banned right turn from Barlow Moor Road towards Morrison's - Alternative routes are not present
  • Concern regarding the banned movements at Sandy Lane junction - traffic may route through Beech Rd, Cross Rd, High Ln, St Werburghs or St Anne's Rd area as a result
  • Disabled and carer parking required. Does not assist the disabled in the community who cannot ride bikes. Proposals discriminates against people who are old, disabled, not fit or able to cycle, can’t afford a bike or local people who need to use their car or taxis for mobility
  • People are generally opposed to the scheme, and feel negatives outweigh the benefits

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