Consultations and surveys Budget 2020/21

Growth and Development

We must continue making sure that our city’s economy continues to grow in the right way and that every resident has the opportunity to play their part in making Manchester a great place to live, work and enjoy life. Good jobs and training, growth that contributes to our ‘zero-carbon’ ambition, and good quality affordable homes for all are essential. 

But we must find savings. Costs of £300,000 relating to repair and management of council-owned buildings can be met by savings and increased income totaling £0.99m, leaving £690,000 for essential priorities elsewhere. Additional funding of £155,000 will support the decision to make the city-centre toilets a 24-hour service. Future growth in income from our airport investments and solar panels on council housing will also ease budget pressures in future years. 

We've set a £7.644m budget for 2020/21: 

  • £1.747m on Adult Education and getting people into good work and skills training
  • £1.324m on housing and residential growth
  • £7.206m looking after council property 
  • £9.255m running and managing our buildings
  • £161,000 growing our economy
  • £510,000 regenerating the city centre

We will boost this with:

  • £605,000 from payments for planning, licensing and building control
  • £11.954m from our business investments such as the airport and rents. 

See the full Growth and Development budget


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