Consultations and surveys St Mary's Parsonage Consultation

This consultation closed May 8 2020.

We remain committed to consulting with all stakeholders with an interest in the SRF for St Mary’s Parsonage. As your feedback is important to us, we have taken the decision to extend the consultation deadline.

What it’s about

At the February 2020 Executive meeting, the Council Executive approved in principle a draft Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) to help guide the development of the St Mary’s Parsonage area of the City Centre. The Executive requested that the Chief Executive undertake a public consultation with local stakeholders and report the outcome to the Executive in due course, prior to a final framework being agreed.


The St Mary’s Parsonage SRF will see the creation of a thriving and sustainable neighbourhood, supporting Manchester’s zero carbon ambitions and building on the strength of existing residential and business communities. Creating new commercial development and better utilising the existing development within the area will attract new organisations to the area and create a variety of new employment opportunities. The enhancement of public realm within the neighbourhood will help ensure the area offers a range of high quality public spaces for residents, businesses and visitors to spend time.

New development will provide the opportunity to create carbon neutral buildings of the highest standard of energy efficiency. Development will also provide the opportunity to enhance the area’s existing historic buildings and, through refurbishment, reduce their carbon footprint.

The draft SRF provides development principles consistent with the emergent City Centre Transport Strategy. It prioritises active modes of transport and improved pedestrian connectivity, with enhanced linkages to surrounding city centre districts including the Retail Core, NOMA, the Medieval Quarter, Spinningfields and Deansgate.The draft framework provides improved access to the River Irwell.

Download the framework


The St Mary’s Parsonage SRF area is located in the heart of the city centre, bound by three main arterial routes in and out of the city centre; Deansgate, Bridge Street and Blackfriars Street. The area lies adjacent to a number of existing and emerging key city centre neighbourhoods including Spinningfields, one of the country’s most successful and transformative regeneration initiatives of the last 20 years.

The SRF area benefits from important green space and blue infrastructure, and there are opportunities to improve the settings and use of this. The SRF seeks to refocus the priorities of the area in order to establish St Mary’s Parsonage as a clearly definable and cohesive city centre neighbourhood, with a distinctive character and sense of place. The proposals set out the ambition to create a commercially-led, mixed-use district, set around high quality public space.


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