Consultations and surveys Rochdale Canal walking and cycling improvement consultation

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What we want:

  • To double the number of people cycling and provide a pleasant environment for leisure activities along the route.
  • To link the new communities being created along the canal, this will benefit from the new development and better links to other facilities in Miles Platting and Newton Heath. 
  • To make this a traffic-free route that people want to take for short journeys on foot or by bike, reducing car use for local trips.
  • To resurface the canal towpath and widen it in places 
  • To use better lighting to encourage use throughout the year, including warning markings on the edge of the path by the water
  • To make the path more accessible -  we’ll look at places where steps are currently the only option, and look for alternative solutions
  • Better signs, to help find your way and flag up local points of interest
  • To manage the green spaces along the route better and make them more attractive

The scheme will bring new 'social value' to the area, mean jobs for local people who may otherwise struggle to find employment, and other benefits for local schools and community organisations.  It will encourage people to lead healthier lifestyles by making walking and cycling easier and more attractive for everyone. 

If you have any specific questions around this scheme, email

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