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What we are proposing

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Castlefield Campus in Hulme is an Emotional, Behavioural and Social Difficulties day school. We are committed to creating a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment where everyone is encouraged to reach their potential. 

We are looking to build a new single storey building on the land adjacent to our existing school site.This will be a 50 place SEMH (Social, Emotional Mental Health) school with a very simple layout.

  • The routes through the building will be clear and straightforward so that movement is as simple and effective as possible and can be easily understood by our pupils. 
  • We have designed this so pupils can benefit from easy access to the shared spaces such as the hall and the technology teaching areas.
  • The building is zoned to reduce disturbance from movement in the corridors and provide clear and safe emergency space to move if required. 
  • Each classroom will have external doors to allow pupils to go directly from their classroom to a fenced in play area outside each of the classrooms.
  • There will be a green space between the play area for the classrooms and the property boundary.
  • There will be a larger green play space to the rear of the school.
  • There will be vehicle access from Jackson Crescent opposite Colin Murray Road,  leading to car and minibus parking with the new building to the right.

The roof of the proposed building is flat, and our vision is to create a calm and simple building that compliments the style of surrounding buildings.To do this we are proposing a traditional red brick for the walls with a contrasting dark blue brick around the windows and on the front elevation corner.

See the artist impressions of the proposed plans



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