Consultations and surveys Levenshulme and Burnage active neighbourhood


Since July we’ve put this project on pause in order to go through feedback and extended our engagement reach. We’ve been busy working through suggestions and comments from the residents and businesses of the wards.

The scheme presents an exciting opportunity for investment into the local Levenshulme and North Burnage areas. The Mayors Challenge Fund (MCF) money will improve the safety and air quality, promote active travel and reduce the reliance on cars for short journeys.

To unlock the funding for the permanent scheme, a trial of some of the changes is required. This 6 month trial will allow a temporary version of the scheme to be tested. Data can then be collected to secure the funds for the future, permanent scheme. This is also a great way for the scheme to be seen in action, tested and analysed, so it can be tweaked or changed where required but also allow peoples habits to change and through traffic to re-route.

We now have a plan for the future direction of the project, and have decided to tackle it in two phases. We would like your feedback on some of the measures which we are going to trial (Phase 1). The trial measures will start to be put in place from December (during school holidays).

Because of the density of schools in the Cringle Park (Phase 2) area, and issues with traffic congestion, we are continuing to seek opinions from local residents, businesses and schools on what measures are needed and where before they are trialed.

The learning from the early trial measures in Phase 1 can then be applied across the whole area in Phase 2.

For more information and to voice your comments, have your say. Additional information, maps and FAQ's can also be found on the commonplace site before you submit your comment

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