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Next steps and have your say

Information gathered in the original consultation led to 25 possible filter locations being suggested as part of Phase 1. The second phase of consultation has allowed people to comment in detail on these, and the impact which they felt they would have.

Filters that are going ahead

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with roughly two-thirds of all comments being supportive of the aims. Fourteen of the proposed filters received mostly positive feedback, and very little negative reaction, and we are planning to progress these at the start of the trial in early January.

The 14 filters which will be installed on a trial basis early in the New Year are at:

  • Buckhurst Road
  • Cardus Street (North)
  • Delamere Road and Gordon Avenue
  • Dorset Road
  • Caremine Avenue
  • Guildford Road
  • Henderson Street
  • Longden Road
  • Manor Road (East)
  • Mayford Road
  • Molyneux Road
  • Osborne Road
  • Portville Road and Randolph Street
  • Victoria Road

The trial will allow us to see what impact the first 14 filters are having, and if the feedback from residents and data gathered during the early trial suggests that additional filters are still needed, we will look at what additional measures can be taken to minimise the impact on surrounding roads, and possibly progress five other filters later in the trial.

If you would like to comment on the filters that are now in place over the course of the six months of the trial, please get in touch via the online form

Filters that need more planning 

Five more proposed filters are being paused until an assessment can be made of what their impact would be on surrounding residential streets, but could still form part of the phase 1 trial, with alternative solutions to be considered as part of the wider scheme development.  These are at Chapel Street (East), Crayfield Road, Dunstable Street, Manor Road (West) and Marley Road.

 Filters that are not going ahead

Another five filter locations received negative or inconclusive feedback during the consultation and so will not be progressed during the phase 1 trial.  These were at Atlas Place, Barlow Road, Cardus Street (South), Chapel Street (West) and Delamere Road (West).  

Have your say about what happens next

Work is currently underway to install the trial filters of phase one of this scheme. While the consultation is now closed, we are still accepting comments and feedback which can influence this trial, and your thoughts are important to us to make this work for everyone.

Phase 2 of the trial, in the Cringle Park area, is set to be trialled from spring 2021.

Phase 2 update – June 2021 


  • The trials are still continuing 
  • After assessing the trial at the 3 month stage all 14 filters are still supported 
  • The legal team are commencing the process for the potential relocation of the Henderson Street filter  
  • Additional data collection stations (air quality monitors and traffic cameras) have been installed recently. 

The initial trial period was from January to July 2021 and following this, all community feedback and assessment of the consultants’ reports will be reviewed to determine if the filters are to be made permanent.  

Whilst the approval process is undertaken the filters will remain in place rather than taken out and re-installed to avoid further disruption to the local community. 

Tell us what you think: online

The phase 1 trial is to last for 6 months, and during this time we want to your thoughts and feedback to help us determine the success of this scheme. To make comments, please get in touch using the online form

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