Consultations and surveys Manchester to Chorlton cycleway: Area 3 consultation

This consultation has now closed.


In 2018, we carried out a consultation with residents and businesses in Chorlton and Chorlton Park about proposed features to improve walking and cycling. The aim of the scheme is to:

  • increase walking and cycling
  • make walking and cycling safer
  • reduce the number of short journeys by car
  • improve people's health through walking and cycling 
  • boost the local economy by making the district centre more pleasant and reducing traffic 

More than 1800 comments were received, with the majority of people who responded supporting the scheme as a whole. 

Because of the scale of the scheme, it was broken down into areas. This follow up consultation is about Area 3, which covers Manchester Road and Barlow Moor Road (from Seymour Grove to Wilbraham Road) and down to Sandy Lane. In the consultation around Area 4, which covers Barlow Moor Road (Sandy Lane to Hardy Lane) people were broadly happy with the proposals, and this section has already progressed to final design.

Why we are consulting on Area 3

In the original consultation, a number of issues were raised around Area 3, including:

  • Rat running through residential streets, and the safety of school children using them
  • Congestion at Chorlton Cross
  • Making cycling safer over the Metrolink bridge
  • Parking being displaced onto side streets
  • Availability of free parking
  • Public realm and pavement quality
  • Concerns over banning right turns at the junction with Wilbraham Road  

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