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Consultations and surveys Manchester to Chorlton cycleway: Area 3 consultation

What you asked for

Things which people asked for in Area 3 included:

  • Improvements to public realm
  • Speed calming around schools and on routes which children take to school
  • Improvements to the Egerton Road / Milton Grove junction
  • Traffic signals on Buckingham Road
  • Extension of the 20mph zone on Manchester Road and Barlow Moor Road 
  • Closing Woodside Road at Manchester Road.

We reviewed all the comments received, and following extensive discussions with local Councillors, changes have been made to the proposed measures. These included: 

  • Improving public realm as part of the work e.g. better pavement quality
  • Putting speed tables in and narrowing crossing distance at junctions to reduce traffic speed
  • Improving major junction layouts to make crossing easier and safer and improve traffic flow 
  • Removing 'Copenhagen Style' bus stops, and instead providing bus stop by-passes where possible. 
  • Reviewing concerns around re-routing of traffic due to proposed banned movements at junctions. Traffic modelling of the wider area has been carried out to inform the impact of rerouting traffic. 
  • Reviewing  proposed banned movements at signal-controlled junctions to look at the impact on the adjacent road network and, where possible, either eliminate these impacts or mitigate against them by providing traffic management measures on these impacted roads. 
  • The proposed banned left turn travelling towards the city centre from Wilbraham Road onto Barlow Moor Road at the 'Four Banks' junction was removed from the plans.  
  • The proposed banned right turn travelling towards Stretford from Barlow Moor Road onto Wilbraham Road was also removed.

Parking concerns

One issue which was raised a number of times and which we are very aware of is parking. We looked at a number of options, but the car park already in this area is privately owned so cannot be made free, and loading bays are an essential requirement for businesses. Parking spaces have been retained wherever possible. Enforcement to deter pavement parking will continue. 

We now have designs for the measures which we think will help to address issues in the area and make walking and cycling easier and safer. To support the new cycle lanes and changes to signal-controlled junctions, we are proposing to stop some movements at junctions, which should address concerns raised about displaced traffic, and a number of measures on side streets. 

Read about more proposed measures 


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