Consultations and surveys Proposal for having licences for privately rented properties

Hyde Road: Gorton and Abbey Hey ward

To introduce selective licensing we need to consult people who may be affected by the scheme, including the residents and landlords with properties in the area.

See the proposed selective licence scheme


This consultation and questionnaire for your comments are specific to the area shown on the map and the street addresses listed. 

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Selective licensing would affect any property located within these addresses.

Road   Number Postcode(S)
Agnew Road   5 M18 7AR
Friendship Avenue 2 M18 7HH
Hengist Street 4 M18 7EL
Hyde Road  522 to 961 (even) flats included M18 7EF, M18 7JD
Kirkman Close 2 to 6 (even) M18 7EA
Taplin Drive 1 to 47 (odd) M18 7DZ
Waterhouse Road  2 M18 7HZ
Willow Grove  1 to 11 (odd) M18 7FG 
Woodland Avenue  2 M18 7HF 
Woodland Road  49 to 68(odd/even) flats included  M18 7JE, M18 7JY

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This consultation will run from 20 January 2021 to 14 April 2021. We’ll consider all responses before we make a decision, afterwards the results will be published to our website

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