Consultations and surveys Proposal for having licences for privately rented properties

The Ladders: Gorton and Abbey Hey ward

To introduce selective licensing we need to consult people who may be affected by the scheme, including the residents and landlords with properties in the area.

See the proposed selective licence scheme


This consultation and questionnaire for your comments are specific to the area shown on the map and the street addresses listed. 

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Selective licensing would affect any property located within these addresses.

Road Number  Post code
Abbey Hey Lane 126 to 410 (odd/even) flats included

M 18 8RP, M 18 8RQ, M18 8TW, M18 81H

Annabelle Road 1 to 39 (odds/even) M18 8QR
Atherfield Close 2 to 16 (even) M18 8TQ
Bread Street 1 to 17 (odds/evens) M18 8QF
Brightman Street 1 to 41 (odds/evens) M18 8GN
Burstead Street 1 to 32 (odds/evens) M18 8ST
Butman Street 1 to 52 (odds/even M18 8TG
Claymore Street 1 to 52 (odds/even) M18 8SP, M18 8SQ
Compstall Grove 1 to 7 (odds/evens) M18 8GL
Constable Street 15 to 111 (odd/evens) flats included

M18 8GD, M18 8GY, M18 8QE, M18 8QJ, M18 8QQ

Corrigan Street 15 to 44 (odds/evens) M18 8QS
Courier Street 38 to 63 (odds/evens) M18 8SY
Dalehead Close 3 to 21 (odds/evens) M18 8TP
Ernocroft Grove 1 to 6 (odds/evens) M18 8GB
Field Street 1 to 42 (odds/evens) M18 8GT
Fleet Street 1 to 29 (odds) M18 8TE
Franklyn Street 1 to 16 (odds/evens) M18 8QX
Freshwater Street 2 to 8 (even) M18 8GH
Gathurst Street 15 to 39 (odd) M18 8GR
Gidlow Street 1 to 18 (even) flats included M18 8GE
Godwin Street 15 to 48 (odds/evens) M18 8GS
Gordon Street 1 to 60 (odds/evens) flats included M18 8SL
Grapevine Avenue 1 to 32 (odds/evens) M18 8YB
Jetson Avnue 1 to 86 (odd/evens)

M18 8SU , M18 8SX, M18 8SZ, M18 8TA

Kenyon Street 1 to 124 (odds/even) flats included

M18 8SF, M18 8SH, M18 8TD

Kings Close 1 to 36 (even) M18 8TB
Lees Street 133 to 222 (odd/even) flats included

M18 8GA, M18 8QL, M18 8QN

Long Street 1 to 48 (odd/even) M18 8QT, M18 8QW
Longboard Street 1 to 93 (odd/even) M18 8GQ, M18 8QG
Madison Street 3 to 76 (odd/even) M18 8SD, M18 8SE
Maybury Street 1 to 39 (odd/even) M18 8GP
Peterborough Street 1 to 24 (odd/even) flats included M18 8TF
Rumbold Street 1 to 12 (odd/even) M18 8GF
Rutland Street 1 to 10 (odd/even) M18 8QH
Sandown Street 2 to 72 (odd/even) M18 8SA, M18 8SB
Swanhill Close 2 to 25 (odd/even) M18 8TR
Vine Street 83 to 171 (odds/evens)

M18 8SG, M18 8SR, M18 8YA

Walmer Street 1 to 34 (odd/even) M18 8QP
Walter Street 1 to 62 (odd/even) M18 8SN , M18 8SW
Welbeck Street 1 to 34 (odd/even) flats included M18 8GW
Western Street 1 to 35 (odd) M18 8GG
Wycombe Avenue 1 to 16 (odd/even) M18 8SS

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This consultation will run from 20 January 2021 to 14 April 2021. We’ll consider all responses before we make a decision, afterwards the results will be published to our website

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