Consultations and surveys Proposal for having licences for privately rented properties

Trinity: Harpurhey ward

To introduce selective licensing we need to consult people who may be affected by the scheme, including the residents and landlords with properties in the area.

See the proposed selective licence scheme


This consultation and questionnaire for your comments are specific to the area shown on the map and the street addresses listed. 

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Selective licensing would affect any property located within these addresses.

Road Number  postcode
Beverley Street  5 to 96(odd/evens)  M9 4ED, M9 4FB
Capstan Street  2 to 28 (odds/evens)  M9 4DX
Cobden Street  1 to 181 (odds/evens) M9 4DZ, M9 4EB
Dalbeattie Street 8 to 53 (odds/ even) M9 AFA
Dollond Street  1 to 35 (odds)  M9 4FF
Glen Avenue  2 to 12 (even)  M9 4EE
Goodman Street  11-115 (odds) 32 -44 (even) flats included M9 4FD
Hemsley Street  2 to 16 (odd)  M9 4AU
Hemsley Street South 1 to 11 (odd)  M9 4AX
Holtby Street  13 to 92 (odds/even)  M9 4AR, M9 4AS
Joule Street 1 to 38 (odds/evens) M9 4FE
Leegrange Road  1 to 78 (even)  M9 4FA
Lewis Avenue  2 to 30 (even)  M9 4BT
Marlfield Street 22 to 55 (oods/evens)  M9 4BA
Melbourne Street  1 to 43 (odds/evens)  M9 4EH
Monart Road  1 to 20(odd/evens) M9 4BU, M9 4ER
Mos to n Lane 151 to 159 (odds/evens) M9 4HR
Nepaul Road 1 to 71 (odds/evens)  M9 4EA
Routledge Walk 1 to 56 (odds/even)  M9 4DT
York Street  24 to 83 (odds/evens)  M9 4FH

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This consultation will run from 20 January 2021 to 14 April 2021. We’ll consider all responses before we make a decision, afterwards the results will be published to our website

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