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Council tax Council Tax Support if you get Universal Credit

How changes in the amount of Universal Credit you get affect your Council Tax Support

If you are working-age the most help that you can get from Council Tax Support is 82.5% of the council tax bill, leaving you at least 17.5% to pay. You may have to pay more - it depends how much Universal Credit you get.

If your Universal Credit changes, the amount you have to pay towards your council tax bill may change as well.

But small changes in Universal Credit only affect how much council tax you have to pay if you move into a different income band. Your council tax direct debit or your payment plan only change if your income band changes, to make it easier for you to manage your council tax payments.

The table shows the new income bands and how much support you will get towards your council tax. If other people live with you who are expected to pay towards the council tax, you will get less than the amount in the table.

Income band Amount of Council Tax Support available
£0 over your applicable amount* Support for 82.5% of council tax
£0.01 - £25 over applicable amount Support for 70 % of council tax
£25.01 - £50 over applicable amount Support for 45 % of council tax
£50.01 - £75 over applicable amount Support for 30% of council tax
£75.01 - £80 over applicable amount Support for 12% of council tax
£80.01+ over applicable amount No support for council tax

* an applicable amount is the amount the government says you need to live off

If Council Tax Support ends because of Universal Credit changes

Universal Credit can end altogether, or the amount you get can increase temporarily. Changes like these can cause your Council Tax Support to end.

If you reclaim Council Tax Support after a change in Universal Credit, as long as you qualify again for Council Tax Support, we will pay from the Monday after your Universal Credit restarted.

If you are late in making your Council Tax Support reclaim, we will go back and pay for a period of up to six months. This rule came in on 1 April 2019 so we can't go back any earlier than that.

To tell us that you are back on Universal Credit or that your Universal Credit has gone down again, fill in a Council Tax Support claim as soon as possible. We will check if you are entitled to Council Tax Support and when we can pay you from.

Read the Council Tax Support policy in full

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Was this page helpful?