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The Council and democracy Data Protection

How long will it take to get access to my information?

We will ordinarily comply with your request promptly and no later than one calendar month after receiving your request, proof of your identity and sufficient information from you to help locate the information you require. Your request should include your present address and 2 forms of documentary evidence proving who you are, such as your current council tax or a utility bill, your birth certificate, passport or driving licence, or at least two other similar items including your name and address.  You should also provide as much detail regarding the information you wish to access. This will avoid delay in having to come back to you for additional details to locate the information you want.

If you are seeking CCTV footage of yourself, particular additional information will be required, as detailed in the notes on the Council's Subject Access Request application form. 

Once your information has been gathered we will send the information that you are entitled to be provided with to you by a secure physical ro electronic means of delivery.

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Was this page helpful?