The Council and democracy Our Approach to Equality

Objective 3 – Celebrating Our Diversity

Manchester’s commitment to equality and diversity is part of its fabric; the City has championed equality for generations and has been home to a number of inclusion figureheads. We have a thriving and increasingly diverse population with a wealth of characters, cultures and contributions. The City has much to celebrate, be that its past, present or future. We’ve achieved a lot by working with our different communities to promote their identities and achievements. We will maintain and build on that, going even further to celebrate Manchester’s diversity.

We have 5 indicators to tell us we’re making progress:

1. We will continue to support and deliver events that promote the achievements and contributions of our diverse communities. Manchester boasts an events calendar full of celebrations of its people, both historical and contemporary. We will enhance this by promoting the achievements of our own workforce, working with our employee networks to showpiece their achievements and abilities.

2. Working to national frameworks and accreditations, we will achieve and maintain the highest standards in meeting the needs of key stakeholder groups such as achieving the Disability Confident Leader and Armed Forces Covenant Gold standards. We will publicise and celebrate these achievements, highlighting our own good practice and influencing that of our partners.

3. We will continue to raise the profile of equality issues and the diversity of our residents and workforce in our internal and external communications. We will ensure that inclusion is everybody’s business, and that people recognise their identities being reflected in the way the Council promotes itself.

4. Recognising the strength and capabilities of Manchester’s people, we will further extend the Our Manchester principles of enabling communities to find solutions that are right for and work for them. We will capitalise on the City’s existing assets, both in terms of facilities and people, and investigate new ways of connecting these together to form unique and innovative solutions.

5. We will make sure our work connects to the broadest range of people by embracing Manchester’s language diversity. We will promote Manchester’s multilingualism as a cause for celebration, recognising the opportunity to share examples and experience of over 200 languages across communities and cultures to bring people together, as well as connecting Manchester and its people to international opportunities.

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