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Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) - Guidance and Templates

The Public Sector Equality Duty (the Duty) requires the Council to be able to show that all of its functions have been analysed to assess their effect on equality. The Duty isn't prescriptive about what form this analysis should take, but for consistency, transparency and ease of access, the Council has extended its Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) framework.

Our EIA framework has two key stages: the Relevance Assessment guidance and template help our services to identify whether their proposed actions are relevant to equality. If they are, then the EIA guidance and template are designed so that services can analyse which equality groups, or protected characteristics, are affected by the proposal and how.

We've also developed an EIA tracker tool, so that services can monitor their progress on all the Relevance Assessments and EIAs that they have responsibility for.

The Council is committed to using this framework to ensure that we identify any disproportionate impacts on equality at the earliest stage that we can.

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