Environmental problems Food safety advice service

Costs and terms and conditions

There is a cost involved with the advice service depending on what intervention is carried out.

  • Pre-inspection visits is charged at £120 (plus VAT); pre-inspection visits will take a maximum of two hours;
  • Re-inspection rate is charged at £170 (VAT not chargeable); This re-inspection rate is for an official re-inspection only, this does not form part of the advice service.
  • Tailored advice (including coaching) is charged at £79 per hour (plus VAT); and
  • Export certificate fees start at minimum of £79 per hour (VAT not chargeable).

Free Initial advice

We offer free advice for business around basic issues which can discussed by a quick phone call or email. 

Terms and conditons

Where an appointment is cancelled or re-arranged without a valid reason, we reserve the right to charge for this.

Further correspondence, following a report or visit, may incur further cost based on the officer time taken in dealing with the request.

Advice visits are designed to achieve compliance and support business, but 'action' may be taken in circumstance where the risk to public health is imminent and informal arrangements are unsuccessful.

Failure to implement advice given could hinder your ability to achieve a greater hygiene rating score at the time of a revisit.

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Was this page helpful?