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Health & wellbeing Manchester's Pharmacy Needs Assessment

Manchester PNA 2014 - 2017

During July and August 2013 we conducted a survey with the public about local pharmacy provision; what works well, and what could be improved. This survey was about people’s experiences when using a "community pharmacy".

We then carried out a legal duty to share the draft PNA for comments from 1 October to 6 December 2013; we sought views from a range of relevant local clinical groups, including local pharmacies and other partners inside and outside the NHS.

The conclusion of this PNA is that the population of Manchester’s Health and Wellbeing area has sufficient service provision (including pharmacy contractors) to meet their pharmaceutical needs.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and your comments will remain confidential. We have produced the final local PNA document along with supporting appendices and amendments which can be viewed here.

The documents are comprised of:

Pharmacy Needs Assessment Final Report

Appendix 1 - Pharmacy service descriptions

Appendix 2 - 60 day consultation plan

Appendix 3 - Analysis of Manchester PNA consultation survey

Appendix 4 - Pharmacies listed by locality and ward

Appendix 5 - Pharmacy Survey

Appendix 6 - Locally commissioned services

Appendix 7 - Public survey 2013

Appendix 8 - Pharmacy Contractor opening hours

Appendix 9 - List of Acronyms

Appendix 10 - Equality Analysis

Periodically, we are required to create supplementary amendments to this document which can be viewed along with the appendices.

Supplementary Statement - 15 December 2014

Supplementary Statement - 30 November 2015

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